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Eggshell Sticker Pack

Eggshell Sticker Pack

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Pack of 8 (Two of each design). Each sticker measures 6.7cm x 9cm

"Eggshell stickers? What are those?" 

Eggshell stickers are UV resistant and waterproof slaps that can easily withstand the abrasive environment of the streets. Once you stick them onto something, they are a pain to take off as they come apart easily or "break" like eggshells, removing the sticker in one go is impossible. They are flexible and can take shape of any surface without the use of heat, much more than your usual anime trash waifu vinyl sticker - or any other kind of sticker for that matter. Although we aren't telling you to (because vandalism is a crime), they are perfect for slap-tagging 👀, but whatever you do with these stickers are completely up to you, please use at your discretion or whatever. We are not responsible for any vandalism that you might do!

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